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Ebonie Caldwell Realty Portfolio and Construction (ECRP) is a female owned boutique firm consisting of a wide range of Real Estate services including Real Estate Consulting, Real Estate Development, Project Management and General Contracting. ECRP is located in the Chicago Loop area, with operations throughout Chicago and surrounding suburbs. What makes ECRP totally different from other Real Estate firms and Construction companies is the fact that we have our own video production and marketing team. We primarely work with investors from the beginning to the end of a rehab project, oversee the project being born and throughout the entire process all our projects are being filmed and turned into its own min-series. Our goal is to make sure our clients property is being marketed properly and sold fast before it is listed.  ECRP will communicates with our clients via live feed video throughout the entire process; virtually eliminating risks usually associated with Real Estate Investing, gut rehab and/or
remodeling a property.


Our Commercial Services Department is an industry leader in securing transactions. Investors currently look for Wholesale and Off Market Investment Properties has partnered Ebonie Caldwell Realty Portfolio to help you search for potential new investment properties, vacant lots and large portfolio's.  

Commercial Real Estate Investment Consultants & GENERAL CONTRACTOR

Our services include professional property management, specializing in large acquisitions, leasing and management of commercial properties with an emphasis on multi-units / large apartment buildings.  Ebonie Caldwell Realty Portfolio assist investors  in purchasing rental properties, either residential or multifamily for long term investing. We also help investors buy, fix and resell properties for short-term investing. We teach you how to build a real estate portfolio and develop a retirement plan. Finally, we have added a NEW comprehensive Real Estate Investment Program for those who really want to invest in real estate without all the headaches.


The key to successful property management in Chicago is finding quality tenants. Our skilled team uses a strategic approach to obtain and retain valuable tenants, which will allow you to feel comfortable about putting your property in the right hands and maintain a high CAP Rate, when you decide to sell off your investment. Ebonie Caldwell Realty Portfolio is a  licensed Realtor that is a part of the National Association.  Our quick and friendly response techniques will aide in lowering the turnover of your rental property.

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 We are not your average Real Estate Consulting Firm because we approach real estate from a multi-dimensional perspective. Ebonie Caldwell Realty Portfolio provides  profitable Real Estate Investments Consulting services to make the necessary renovation  improvements to manage our investors project after the rehab and get it prepared for resell and sold for at least a 50% profit, without any stress to our clients.

Our Real Estate Investment Program is for investors who has the ability either to pay cash or obtain financing to invest into Real Estate without being involved in the day to day operations and being subjected to the normal risk involved.

Once we’ve determined the investment objective, we then proceed in administering a comprehensive investment strategy, using our in-house resources, which will allow us to guarantee a more sound and profitable real estate investment.

Ebonie Caldwell Realty Portfolio communicates with you through the entire process, virtually eliminating risks usually associated with investing in Real Estate, buying\selling a home or rehab\remodeling a property. This is done all under one roof!